Radio Advertising - 10 questions and tips

10 questions to answer before you "go radio"

We were asked for advice from a local business considering on spending precious budget on radio advertising.  The advice we gave them might help you too.

Radio advertising can be fun and it's certainly an effective way to reach an audience.

The questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about radio can be boiled down to a pretty simple list that makes a good decision making aide. We've also popped this list onto our Download Centre with a couple of other tips and helpful suggestions. 

Advertising on the radio, especially local radio, can be a great tool. It can raise awareness, get staff motivated and give you a source of marketing activity to link into your other channels.

Unless you can afford immeasurable brand awareness campaigns, radio advertising needs to deliver results that are value for money.

If you’re thinking about radio advertising, here are some questions to ask yourself to evaluate whether you should use radio advertising and to make the campaign effective from beginning to end. These questions form headings for your outline campaign plan.

1. Is my target audience listening?

2. What am I going to say that is a clear, simple, and the right message?

3. What is my call to action - is it realistic for radio?

4. If the campaign is a success, can the business deal with the audience response?

5. Have I communicated internally and got people onside?

5. How will I measure success?

6. Does the timing work -time of day / length of campaign / message

7. Does the script writer make me happy? Is the content right?

8. If we don’t get the results we want, is it budget we can afford to experiment with?

9. How can I make the most of the campaign across my other channels?

Hope this helps you decide whether to crack on with a radio advertising campaign.