Here is a store of useful information, tips, advice and tools we've made to help make your marketing easier. We often add new downloads, so it's worth bookmarking the page. You can download anything you need, it's all free. If you have any questions or need a hand with anything you download, just ask.  

"The Bark" latest edition out now

This is our newsletter. This edition focuses on growth. Please feel free to read online, download or even ask us to pop a copy in the post to you. It contains all sorts of useful tips on how to grow your business (and how not to grow your business...)

Goal setting - advice on how to make goals that make sense

It can be easy to go round in circles when you try to define your goals. But if you get it right you can use practical, well thought out goals to help give you budgets, targets and proper marketing plans. Attached is a sheet to help you make business goals that make sense. This sheet is aimed at small businesses but is relevant to project work for larger companies too. 

Radio Advertising Campaigns - questions to ask yourself before you start

When you think about advertising on the radio it's easy to get carried away with listener figures and scripts. Like any marketing spend you need to decide if it is likely to work for you and be value for money. This download is a list of questions to help you decide, and a few tips that will be useful too. 

Funding Newsletter from Devon County Council

Here's a PDF from Devon County Council, as distributed by Petra Davies of the West Devon BIP. It's a useful source of information and contains details of how you can subscribe to receive funding newsletters from Devon County Council.

Communication Mix Manager

We've made a handy tool called a Communication Mix Manager. It helps you work out what channels you use to communicate with your audience. It's a useful stepping stone to use as a tool for measuring the effectiveness of your spend, and spotting opportunities to communicate in new ways. You can download it here. We've added some guidelines to help you along the way, but please get in touch if you need help.   

Tips for using You Tube in your Marketing Mix

If you are looking for ideas for using You Tube in your marketing mix, download this article. It has information about why businesses should use You Tube and gives a table of ideas for different ways to use You Tube videos to improve communications. 

Advice for high street retailers

Clicks and Mortar - two ways to do retail business. If you are a high street retailer wanting some advice this download will be useful. Written for Rowan Tree by a successful retail expert with over thirty years' experience it contains valuable advice, tips and hints to help you bring in customers, increase sales and maximise your bottom line.

Social Media Advice - useful Do's and Don'ts to help with your planning

Whenever we give social media advice we find it useful at the outset to talk with our client and cover the questions raised by this useful planning tool of Do / Don't... Hopefully you will find it useful too - enjoy!

Competitive Strength Grid - Measure up against the competition

This grid will help you think about your competitive position and consider what influences your customers. It's easy to fill in and will automatically calculate results. It may be challenging to decide what aspects to measure and how your competitors compare. When people from different departments complete it and compare against each other the results can be really thought provoking. You try it.

The Grid of Good & Bad - an honest planning tool

Honesty is the best policy. This planning tool is a simple, effective way to drive honest conversations that are structured, giving your plans focus and helping you make best use of your resources. It's a popular tool that we use regardless of business size or stage. Here it is.