Website Design

Our web services are simple and on two levels 

We create new websites using Squarespace.

We also help manage and update client websites provided by other template sites, such as 1and1 and easyspace. We work with all sorts of websites for all sorts of businesses.

Website templates are changing and we are great advocates for using them. They used to be a bit cludgy, not much to look at and, from a functionality point of view they could be limiting. 

Today, template sites are extraordinary. The bar has changed and the days of needing a code writer to create anything good online are over. Template sites are worth looking at before you spend thousands of pounds having your own site coded as a one-off. 

As well as creating new sites, (including design, copy, structure, blogs, photography...) we also help write copy, particularly for news and blogs, so that clients stay up to date online. 

If you need a new web site have a chat with us. We'll give you honest, clear feedback about whether the site you need should be costing you hundreds of pounds, or thousands.